How Can I enjoy My Phone More?


Phone is now man’s best friend! Endless minutes of waiting in lines, bus rides and commutes are now shortened with a simple gadget that allows us pocket entertainment on demand. Some people argue that phones are turning us into antisocial beings, but since most of those messages are seen via Facebook or Twitter, it is questionable how much they mean to us. Even if they are true – if used in moderation, phone is a great asset, for sure. But, how can we make the best of it?

Screen Protectors – screen protectors were the thing since the dawn of the smartphone. They literally saved our old phones, a thin coat of foil helped deflect scratches and made our phones last longer. But, that was a long time ago. Since then, manufacturers got the hang of the production and understood how important the screen resistance is. So, today, most phones come with the screen surface resistant to scratches or even hard hits. You can ditch the foil now, it has nothing to do with protection any more. Now, it’s only in the way, making it harder to type and see. And those bubbles. People, please!

leevenstein-smartphone-casesCases – most of what we said about the screen protectors can also be implemented on the phone cases. They were first built for the early plastic bodied phones that would fall apart after the slightest drop. But, like many other things – that, too, changed. Today’s phones are using hard materials like metal and carbon in their shell and they are much better suited for the dangers of free fall. Cases do add additional layer of protection, but they also make your phone bigger and less usable, hiding buttons and blocking screen. So at the end you must ask yourself – do you really need it?

Camera Zoom – there is one big distinction between your phone and the camera, no matter how advanced the chip is – the zoom. your phone might be shooting awesome shots and providing you with pictures dense with pixels that professional cameras lacked 10 years ago, but they can not zoom. And people don’t seem to get it. Phone cameras don’t have the moving lenses system seen on the DSLR cameras, and there is just no way to get the real zoom effect. What cameras do is zoom in the very picture, stretching the pixels and causing it to go blurry and patchy. Pro tip: if you need to shoot something in a larger manner – get closer! Pro Tip 2: If your battery gets low just use a portable phone charger.

Prepaid – prepaid is a great way to pay for a phone. You get a contract and you pay off your phone through the service you would use either way. When calculated, phones via carriers are somewhat more expensive than the ones you buy free of any contract. Paying your phone together with the plan is a good option and also cheep. Another bonus is upgrading, where you can get your next phone much, much cheaper – so keep that in your mind, too.


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